«The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive»

All Institution’s employees have access to the following fulltext report series from «The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive».

  • UCB/EERC Report Series. The UCB/EERC report series was published 1967-1997 and 2003-2008 and included much of the seminal research in earthquake engineering done at UC Berkeley during the early years.
  • The PEER Report Series. The PEER report series has been published since 1998 by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center.
  • The UCB/SEMM Report Series. The UCB/SEMM (UCB/SESM) report series has been published continuously since 1956 by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • The UCB/Geotech Report Series. The UCB/GT report series began as part of transportation engineering reports until 1978 when the series began to publish exclusively as geotechnical engineering reports.

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